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Cappucino Jelly

Cappuccino with jelly.

Puff Pastry Mushroom Cream Soup

Cream soup with mushrooms served with a crispy puff pastry.


Roasted corn aromatic bread stuffed with pepperoni and melted cheese.

My Box

Personal pizza package that fits in your stomach and your pocket

Available with 6 choices of pizza toppings and 6 snack options that you can choose.

Beef Lasagna

Pasta combined with minced meat, a creamy paste, mozzarella cheese and parsley.

100 Poin

Meat Lovers

With beef burger, minced beef, smoked beef, beef sausage, mozzarella cheese and a special PHD sauce.

150 Poin

Big Box

Pizza and a variety of exciting snacks in 1 big box to enjoy with your loved ones.
- Pizza with your favourite toppings
- Choco Puff
- Beef Sausage Bites
- Chicken Sticks
- Potato Wedges
- Pepchiz
- Beef BBQ sauce and Cheesy Jalapeno

200 Poin